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Our Partners

MLG does its work with Strategic Partners who are seasoned experts, enabling MLG to offer, design and implement effective, comprehensive solutions in the areas of Adaptive Leadership, Change & Transformation, and Diversity & Inclusion.

Our Strategic Partners

Patrice Tanaka is founder and chief joy officer at Joyful Planet (www.joyfulplanet.com), a business & life strategy consultancy helping individuals and organizations discover and live their purpose to unleash greater success, fulfillment and joy in their personal lives, workplaces, and communities.  Patrice partners with MLG in its leadership, change, and diversity & inclusion work, bringing her more than 30 years of in-depth experience working with businesses and nonprofits on vision, strategy, market positioning, entrepreneurship, and crisis communications. She founded three award-winning PR & marketing firms, including the largest employee-owned PR agency in the U.S., and  co-authored two best-selling books, Performance 360 (2018), with Richard Branson and other performance experts, and Beat the Curve (2016), with management consultant and coach Brian Tracy. Read here Patrice’s chapters on “Purpose: A Competitive Advantage in Business and Life” in Performance 360 and “Live Your Life’s Purpose and Unleash Your Joy” in Beat the Curve.


Cynthia Huang is a freelance graphic designer with over 17 years of visual communication experience. Cynthia designed and developed the MLG website and supports MLG in visual and strategic digital communications.  Her specialty is in marketing, digital and social media strategy and corporate branding. She has worked on projects in several industries including technology, health & pharmaceuticals, professional services consulting, and nonprofits.  In her spare time, she founded an art studio and specialized kitchen to inspire, educate, and share her love of the arts and cooking in her community.