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The HeartMath® Institue, a nonprofit organization, is a recognized global leader in researching emotional physiology, heart-brain interactions, and the physiology of optimal health and performance.  The Institute’s 25+ years of research has laid the foundation for practical, scientifically-validated solutions for effective stress reduction, increased emotional resilience and improved cognitive function that are currently used by Fortune 500 companies, healthcare systems across the U.S., and the U.S. Department of Defense. These solutions are aimed at empowering people to reduce stress, increase resilience capacity, and build a bridge between mind and heart, resulting in more balance in all areas of their lives.

HeartMath’s research has identified a psycho-physiological state called heart coherence associated with optimal mental  functioning and emotional stability and developed a set of practical self-regulation techniques that empowers people to release stress and incoherence in the moment, and connect with a deeper intelligence and awareness. By shifting to this coherent psycho-physiological state, measured by user-friendly technology for computers or smart phones,  it quickly improves cognitive performance, focus and effectiveness, leads to significantly increased self-responsibility and social cohesion. HeartMath solutions are used as “best practices” for empowering people to reduce stress, increase resilience, fine-tune performance in all areas of their lives, and foster greater health and well-being, while measurably improving organizational outcomes.

Barbara, MLG’s founder, is a Certified Trainer for HeartMath, and HeartMath training, surveys, and technologies are used in all three areas of MLG’s work to increase mindfulness, resilience capacity, and cognitive and team performance.