Adaptive Leadership

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Adaptive Leadership

How MLG Can Help You:

In the complex and quickly changing environments of today, Millennials and Generation Z are yearning for the kind of leaders who will make decisions that might benefit the world, the environment and their careers, who value and respect employees, The Deloitte Global Millennial Survey, and who create opportunities for employees at different levels to lead. These two generations, together, represent 40% of today’s workforce. (Pew Research Center Analysis of Monthly 1994 and 2017 Current Population Survey). By 2030, they will make up 75% of the workforce. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Study after study has shown that successfully managing these employees within a multi-generational workforce presents a new kind of challenge. Organizations are facing this challenge as we move through the liminal times in which we find our world today. Growing complexity and constant change in these times require that we adapt or create new organizational structures, practices and forms to respond to this challenge, as the old becomes less effective.

MLG possesses deep experience in working with organizations to assess, develop and implement tailored leadership programs and cultural changes that engage the hearts and minds of all employees.  By doing so, organizations increase employee productivity, engagement, innovation and retention.

We work with our clients to employ Adaptive Leadership, which blends situational leadership with collaborative forms of leadership, in preparing employees at all levels to effectively exercise leadership. Engaging employees at all levels in Adaptive Leadership positively contributes to:

  • More dynamic and productive work environments that attract, engage and retain talented individuals, especially Millennials and Generation X; and
  • Desired, triple bottom-line results: growth (profits or program revenue), social capital (investing in employees and local communities). and sustainability (business practices that manage environmental impacts).

In addition, MLG provides tailored leadership coaching to individuals at all levels of an organization, with emphasis on helping develop the emerging leadership of Millennials and Generation Z.

Relevant Data:

  • In an unprecedented change since Deloitte has tracked Millennials and Gen Zs, job loyalty rose in 2020. Why? Businesses addressed employee needs from diversity & inclusion to sustainability, to reskilling and working from home during the pandemic. (Deloitte)
  • Cost of Millennial turnover can range from 16% of salary for an entry-level position to as much as 213% of salary for a higher-skilled position.  (Huffington Post)
  • 63% of employees are Disengaged at Work (with 14% of them actively disengaged). (Gallup)
  • 61% of employees surveyed say Trust in their employer is very important to job satisfaction, yet only 33% had that trust. (SHRM)
  • Transformational Leaders, rather than transactional leaders, are more likely to foster trust in the workplace, which can result in a host of additional positive outcomes such as increased organizational commitment, job satisfaction and motivation. (SHRM)

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Sample Projects:

  • Co-designed and implemented leadership development program & coaching of diverse, emerging and women leaders for an international nonprofit.
  • Provided executive performance coaching for middle-to-C-suite leaders for several organizations.
  • Designed, and supported implementation of, succession planning process for international nonprofit to ensure development of emerging and diverse leaders.


Barbara served as my executive coach as I am in a new senior leadership role in my company. She has helped me formulate strategy, maneuver through internal politics and create win-win outcomes so I could accomplish what I established as part of my first 100 days plan. As a result, I successfully completed the plan and have established solid relationships with senior management counterparts. I have avoided a number of pitfalls that otherwise would have stopped me because of Barbara’s insight and counsel. I have benefited greatly from her experience, intellect and wisdom.

-Chief Human Resources Officer, 60,000+ employee healthcare system operating in 11 states

Barbara’s formal and informal coaching outcomes primarily revolved around a much clearer understanding of career goals and direction among the individuals with whom she worked. She has a direct but sensitive style and was viewed as an individual with a high degree of integrity

Chief Human Resource Officer, San Diego-based international CEO leadership development firm

Barbara is a visionary that so many strive to be. She really helps you set the bar high. I emerged with a profound ability to maximize my potential in the workplace.

VP of sales and Co-owner of a Denver-based human resources consulting firm