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Adaptive Leadership Testimonials:

-Chief Human Resources Officer, multi-state, 60,000-employee, Catholic healthcare system

“formulate strategy, maneuver through internal politics, and create win-win outcomes”

Barbara served as my executive coach…in a new senior leadership role in my company. She helped me formulate strategy, maneuver through internal politics and create win-win outcomes so I could accomplish what I established as part of my first 100 days plan. As a result, I successfully completed the plan and have established solid relationships with senior management counterparts. I have avoided a number of pitfalls that otherwise would have stopped me because of Barbara’s insight and counsel. I have benefited greatly from her experience, intellect and wisdom.


Chief Human Resource Officer, San Diego-based international CEO leadership development firm

“coaching outcomes [led to] clearer career goals and direction”

 Barbara’s formal and informal coaching outcomes primarily revolved around a much clearer understanding of career goals and direction among the individuals with whom she worked. She has a direct but sensitive style and was viewed as an individual with a high degree of integrity.


VP of sales and Co-owner of a Denver-based human resources consulting firm 

“set the bar high for me to maximize my potential”                     

Barbara is a visionary that so many strive to be. She really helps you set the bar high. I emerged with a profound ability to maximize my potential in the workplace.


Change & Transformation Testimonial:

VP, Executive Compensation, multi-state 60,000-employee Catholic healthcare system

“successful change project leadership accomplish[ed] executive compensation program to a much greater extent than possible without her guidance”

 I was able to develop a much more balanced approach to my work, integrating more effectively the important interpersonal and relationship elements of successful change project leadership along with the tactical and technical fundamentals. Barbara’s personal style, along with her coaching method, promoted a very open and collaborative approach to both sharing information and achieving consensus, which were essential to effective decision-making in large, complex organizations. Attention to these skills and business processes has, for example, allowed [company] to accomplish integration of executive compensation and benefit programs more quickly and to a much greater extent than would have ever been possible without her guidance.


Managing Director, Fortune 100 audit, tax & consulting company, and Board Audit Committee Chair, global leadership development nonprofit with 2nd highest ranked nonprofit brand on the 2017 World Value Index

“vision and strategic leadership to empower board”

As the former president and chair of the board of [organization], I endorse Barbara for her vision and strategic leadership as CEO for 6 years. She had the vision to see [organization] become a premier leadership organization in New York City, and she did just that. Barbara led during an extraordinary time…. She empowered the board to launch a capital campaign that would provide the organization with the resources to develop signature leadership programs for all girls in NYC. Barbara has set the pathway for an even stronger 100 years for the [organization].


Diversity & Inclusion Testimonials:

-CFO, international nongovernmental human rights organization

“a change agent who brought to life a culture of commitment and support for all staff, while dramatically improving skill sets and performance”

Through Barbara’s diversity and leadership work with my former organization, I watched and learned from Barbara the importance of treating ALL staff with dignity and respect. She was a role model for the ages and a change agent who brought to life a culture of commitment and support for all staff, while dramatically improving skill sets and performance. Barbara is the consummate professional whose coaching and mentoring have had a positive impact on my career (I received two promotions while at my global organization) and life decisions.


Executive Director of Business & Finance, private university with 24,000+ students

“witness[ed] her keen sense of what is necessary for success in a high-pace ever-changing academic environment”

It is with great pleasure that I have this opportunity to recommend Barbara to help your organization as she significantly helped ours…. I had the opportunity to witness her keen sense of what is necessary for success in a high pace ever-changing academic environment such as our University.  Her understanding of management encompasses a clear vision of procedural development, operations management, and customer relations.  All had been demonstrated in her ability to create and recommend a much-improved investigation and mediation process.  I was continuously impressed by her compassion, honesty and strength through her work with the faculty, staff and student body.  Regardless of the heavy workload, she took the staff’s development very seriously through her efforts to empower them to make constructive changes in their performance.  Showed a strong dedication to our goals with many nights and weekends supporting the University, Barbara was truly a part of our team.  She is a tremendously committed hard working professional.

The feedback from those that worked with her was the highest of praise.  She speaks persuasively and convincingly while remaining responsive to employees at all levels regardless of the circumstances.  Her written communication was exceptional and extremely methodical.  She worked closely with our legal team and advised management on EEO and diversity matters; stayed informed and provided guidance without being intrusive!

I hope that the above insight allows you to see clearly the extraordinary asset Barbara was to our University’s Equality and Diversity program.